40% More Bikes on Spring Street in 2013


Parklet Studies has released a bike count for Spring Street between 6th and 7th Streets that it carried out last month. The report for the LACBC and LADOT follows up on a similar study last year on the same part of downtown.

The data show a marked increase in ridership on Spring Street, with forty percent more cyclists using it than in 2012.

Other interesting findings of the study include:

While in 2012, there was not much differentiation between the amount of weekday and weekend riding, in 2013, significantly more riders biked on Spring Street on the weekend. Of any time period studied, 11-12 pm on the weekend was the busiest, followed by 1-2 pm.

8 am and 9 am on weekdays saw 122 and 100 percent increases in bike volume respectively.

More bikes are being parked between 6th and 7th on Spring Street in 2013 than in 2012. Additionally, a greater percentage of bicycles are being parked at LADOT-installed facilities than in 2012, 53 percent in 2013 versus 50 percent in 2012.

Only 14 percent of total riders were women, but during the 11 am weekend peak that percentage rose to 36 percent. 

The percentage of cyclists traveling against the direction of traffic (salmoning) is significantly higher than in other areas of the city. On a weekday, 15 percent of riders were going against traffic, while on the weekend, this balloons to 44 percent. The city average is 4 percent.

The full report is attached here.

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