34.9 miles of bike lanes and counting

Family bicycling

A family bicycles the green Spring Street bike lane in Los Angeles, by Walk Eagle Rock, via our Flickr group pool (please submit your own photos, too!)

The LA Times’ Nita Lelyveld has done a nice write-up of yesterday’s Blessing of the Bikes event at Good Samaritan Hospital (vote them best downtown hospital in the Los Angeles Downtown News’ Best Of competition here). In it, she makes brief mention of the number of miles of bike lanes that have been added this fiscal year (which began June 1st, 2011 and will conclude June 30th, 2012): 34.9. Here’s a brief accounting of those miles (as well as our sharrowed route miles), also downloadable as a PDF or an MS Excel file.

As the end of the fiscal year approaches we’ll be doing several more bike lane projects and we’ll be updating these totals regularly. We’ll also be publishing soon a list of all the bike lane miles in the city (viewable now in map form on our official website: bicyclela.org). As always, we appreciate your comments, thank you for reading!

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