3-Foot Passing Law moves forward

Give me 3

We just got word of some great news from our friends at the California Bicycle Coalition. SB 1464 – CA’s safe passing distance bill – just passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with no group expressing opposition. The bill was also deemed to have no fiscal impact by the CA Dept. of Finance. SB 1464 could now head for a full Assembly vote within the next two weeks. For the latest amendments to the bill, click here. The “Give Me Three” campaign is being sponsored by the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) and the City of Los Angeles. Existing law requires that drivers keep a “safe distance” from bicyclists when passing, however this vague wording makes it difficult to enforce and leaves too much room for poor judgement. This new bill would change the California Vehicle Code to require a minimum of 3 feet when passing. To find out more about SB 1464 and the “Give me 3″ campaign, check out the CBC’s FAQ sheet or read the bill’s  full language.

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  1. karL
    karL says:

    When I ride my trike I am not sure I need to stay in the ‘bike’ lane as doing so puts my right wheel into the gutter meaning I’m always at an angle etc. but I do tend to stay there even now.

    I support this law even though it might only have teeth if if actually get hurt from it’s violation- and at that under a grand. If my left wheel is to the left of the line though I think the 3 foot being so small itself needs to be communicated as that- so tha tit shoudl come as no surprise tha tmerely b eing 3 feet away from the demarcer is NOT sufficient even if it’s just one ‘bike’ being passed.

    If we want to be a nation that “Specialised” bike brands will market there new models with energy storing ‘de[-!]railer’ systems -unlike there present plans for 29 mph regardless of rider/grade model*- we need to get far more compatible speeds so that passinig isn’t such an issue. A trike is safe at 45 mph and it’s cooler etc. at that speed not just so much less burdensome on taxpayers.

    When a car is speeding and violates teh safe passing distance and we don’t even get hurt the cars should be a t least confiscated. Only if it’s worht less then ten grand should we let any 3rd parties grovel over hundreds. [i.e.] The car should not be ‘sold’ though. Private land owners will store it I’m sure for free. It should be so impounded for a decade or so. This will prevent people not paying there car loans just because they can’t drive etc. All lenders should understand that such a law has priority over google etc’s liens.

    A laser only needs modulation in only one dimension to write “3 feet is here —— safe passing is the law!” on the road as we move- at least if we roll fast enough and can learn how to buy such ten dollar gadgets again.

    We can also keep a wet paintbrush out to our left three feet not just fire balls at anyone who trespasses. Such marks will make prosecution far easier. Make that a ‘tar pen’….. (frog technology respective of it’s owners)


    As if it can’t be said too many times our handle bars have lots of wasted space and sending photo’s to 911 everytime a otherwise compliant car illegallyspeeds past us should pay for our full ‘kits’- labor, local tax, even health insurance…. the photo’s will be digitally signed with the time, there speed, hte speed limit, and anything else necessary to make it unnecessary for us to testify or optional f or thestate to send them a bill. frankly the dealer of the gizmo should give them a chance to donate to our c ause before reporting the v iolation in fair exercise of discretionary citizen discretion even if by prosecution postingof there license picture, name, home address, worldwide is the only deterrent (so thatwhen they eventually kill a kid they can’t claim it’s notthere normal risk) is all the auto lobby will allow us the state to for however briefly longer have recourse to.

    (and they feared/hate having to be legal at intersections only!)

  2. bdflatlander
    bdflatlander says:

    As someone who frequently rides on the city streets of Los Angeles I fully support this bill.
    I have been fortunate to have never been hit by a car and actually I have found the vast majority of motorists I encounter while riding my bike to be very courteous towards me. But, based on some of the stories I have read about car and cyclist collisions, I think this bill is a good idea.
    Keep on cycling!

  3. Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales says:

    As many know I was ONE of the very few Cyclists in CA who was against the CA 3 Foot Law because the way it was written.

    The 3 Foot Law has been in existence since September 16th 2014. It seems that there are more incidents of interactions between Motorists and Cyclists that result in Road Rage, Hit and Runs and Murder on the streets of LA County. You can check out the reality on the “Biking In LA” Facebook Page or the “Cyclist Down” Facebook Page and you can see that it is occurring on a weekly basis.

    For all the people I know and come across on the street, and visit Stans Bike Shop -TO DATE I HAVE NOT HEARD OF ONE PERSON EVER BEING SITED FOR VIOLATING THIS LAW. Has anyone here heard otherwise? I have spoken with Attorneys who specialize in Cyclist incidents and to date NOT ONE can tell me of such a case that involved a citation being written or brought to court, Nor have they heard of fellow colleagues in the same field talk about any cases involving this.


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