3-Foot Passing Law moves forward

Give me 3

We just got word of some great news from our friends at the California Bicycle Coalition. SB 1464 – CA’s safe passing distance bill – just passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with no group expressing opposition. The bill was also deemed to have no fiscal impact by the CA Dept. of Finance. SB 1464 could now head for a full Assembly vote within the next two weeks. For the latest amendments to the bill, click here. The “Give Me Three” campaign is being sponsored by the California Bicycle Coalition (CBC) and the City of Los Angeles. Existing law requires that drivers keep a “safe distance” from bicyclists when passing, however this vague wording makes it difficult to enforce and leaves too much room for poor judgement. This new bill would change the California Vehicle Code to require a minimum of 3 feet when passing. To find out more about SB 1464 and the “Give me 3″ campaign, check out the CBC’s FAQ sheet or read the bill’s  full language.

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