2nd St. tunnel and road set to receive bicycle lanes this weekend

2nd st pre marking under the 110 freeway

2nd St. bike lanes are on their way!

Downtown Los Angeles is getting better and better for bicycling. In addition to the recently implemented 7th St. bike lanes, we’re happy to announce that new lanes are being installed on 2nd St., this weekend. Work crews have already begun the process of removing the existing striping from the street. The next step will include installing new thermoplastic striping atop the mark out paint seen in the photos above and below. The new bicycle lanes will feature buffers (from Broadway to Figueroa) and will be installed from North Spring Street through the 2nd St. tunnel (which we know many are very excited about!) through to Glendale Blvd. 

2nd St pre marking approaching Glendale and Beverly

The faint mark out lines will be followed soon by thermoplastic striping.

This project links up with an existing sharrowed route along 2nd street from Alameda to the 2nd/ N. Spring St. intersection and existing bicycle lanes on Spring St. and Figueroa St.

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  1. patrick
    patrick says:

    Today I came north on Fig from 5th and turned left onto 2nd. There are two left-turn lanes on NB Fig which now merge into just a single WB lane on 2nd–a very dangerous situation.

  2. Travis page
    Travis page says:

    I love riding my bike in Los Angeles. But I also drive my car. This lane has created a traffic nightmare on second street between the tunnel and Beverly. I can’t believe that creating much more pollution for bikes and all of us in the tunnel, and beyond, is worth it for this lane that had 2 bikes in the 20 minutes it took me to get that .8 miles.
    Share the road. Don’t create more traffic. Totally stupid idea. Make a combination lane. Anything but taking lanes away and creating more idling traffic and congestion for my car and my lungs. Please don’t waste resources to move us backwards. Thanks.

  3. Dean Gorby
    Dean Gorby says:

    I concur with Travis. This is pure foolishness. Appeasing very, VERY few with this, while adding significantly to one of the WORST problems in Los Angeles is stupid, no matter how you try to justify it. After 9 years of taking 2nd Street to and from work I now have to change my route. I sit there crawling with thousands of other cars while one or two bikers go by every 5 minutes or so.

    How did this ever get approved?

  4. James
    James says:

    I think some people suffer from a form a amnesia with regards to traffic congestion on this route in the past. Worryingly I think this could catch on and soon Sandy Banks will do a write up on this project and announce that Ladot has invented traffic congestion on the street, leading to a backlash against this and other road diets.

    Have you guys considered a reversible lane here? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one of those in LA, which isn’t all that surprising as widening has traditionally been your solution to everything. If this does become a media and political issue you might have to consider it.

    • Alex Brideau III
      Alex Brideau III says:

      There is a reversible lane on 4th St east of Molino St. I think there are a good number of places across the city that could use reversible lanes, but so far, it’s true: they don’t seem to be very common.

  5. David
    David says:

    I bike this route twice a day and it felt very unsafe up till last weekend. This is the only bike lane on an East/West street in all of downtown, I hope drivers can be understanding and vary their commute to any other street.


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