20 miles of sharrows installed

4th St. sharrows in action at dusk last week. Over the weekend, 20 more miles of sharrows were installed.

About a month ago, we announced that sharrows were good, and discussed LADOT’s plans to install them on select streets citywide before the year’s end. We are happy to report that this past weekend, LADOT work crews installed approximately 20 miles worth of these bicycle facilities on L.A. streets. All told, 797 sharrows were laid down, adding 20.61 miles of bicycle infrastructure to L.A. streets. A majority of those sharrows were installed using HOT TAPE thermoplastic – a highly durable, visible, and skid resistant road marking material. However, some sharrows on Motor Ave. and Heliotrope Dr. were installed using paint. Rest assured, the paint is a temporary treatment as segments of these two respective streets are set to be resurfaced in the near future. Once the streets are resurfaced, more permanent thermoplastic sharrows will be installed.

The sharrow installations fulfill a mayoral commitment towards 40 miles of new bicycle infrastructure this fiscal year. Some of the sharrows are an interim measure preceding future bicycle lanes as called for in the Bike Plan (but which weren’t prioritized in the 5 year Implementation Plan), and may require environmental review or roadway widening. Others are a first step towards implementing Bicycle Friendly Streets. Join us below the fold to find out what streets just got “sharrowed.”

The benefits of sharrows

So what do sharrows do? According to the Bike Plan’s Technical Design Handbook (TDH), SLMs or sharrows can be an effective tool for reminding bicyclists to ride further from parked cars to prevent incidents of “dooring.” Sharrows can also make motorists more aware as to the possible presence of bicyclists, and can help orient bicyclists in the correct direction of travel. For more on sharrows, please visit our sharrows page under the “Resources” tab, or by clicking here.

The List

Below, we have provided the list of streets that were sharrowed this past weekend. You might have noticed a discrepancy between this list and the list that we provided in our previous post here. Upon further review, Hoover was not deemed appropriate for sharrows due to peak hour parking restrictions. Three new streets were chosen in part because they are a part of the newly expanded CicLAvia route. Not only will this October’s CicLAvia event have the new 7th St. bike lanes to show off, but sharrows on Heliotrope, Rosewood, and New Hampshire too! It is our hope that sharrows along the CicLAvia route will help to familiarize the public with SLMs, increasing their visibility and prominence amongst all Angelenos.

Arden Blvd

Arden Pl.

Vine St.

Yucca St.

Fountain Ave.

Fountain Ave.

La Mirada Ave.

Bronson Ave.

Van Ness Ave.

Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Polk St.

Astoria St.

State St.

Breed St.

Mott St.

Colden Ave.

51st St.

McConnell Ave.

Motor Ave.

Motor Ave.

North Venice Blvd.

New Additions:

Redondo Blvd

Galey Ave.

Heliotrope Dr.

Rosewood Ave.

New Hampshire Ave.

Installation Photos

LADOT crews began the sharrow installation work very, very early.

Hot tape thermoplastic shared lane markings come two to a box, 10 pieces each.

Heat from a flame thrower installs the sharrows.

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